Wicker Chest – Solve Your Basic Home Maintenance Problems

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Wicker chest serves the basic 3 functions that literally solve your daily maintenance problems in your home.

Creative Practical Design
Wicker chest has very elegant and friendly look as compared to typical carpentry made furniture. It generally has rounded edges to touch, at least no sharp, squarish 4 corners that most interior designs hate in their home conceptual design. This gives it a pleasant, friendly look that designers love in home decoration. If home designers, who are professional in their field love wicker chest, are you not going to love wicker chest too?

Typical storage box which is space efficient, is usually designed like a ‘storage’ box. One look, you can guess 100%, and first time you can guess it right always that it is a ‘storage’ box! Being a ‘storage’ box by sight, at first glance, and at every glance, from every corner, the ‘storage’ box has to land itself in the ‘storage’ area, usually called the store room, whenever you are inviting guests to your house. This implies you have to physically carry it into the store room to hide away from your guest view. This is redundant work but you have no other choice in order to create a spacious good looking house to your arriving guests.

Wicker chest on the other hand, is different. It serves equally well as a storage box, but it has that elegant look that you feel it is a real waste to hide it in the store room and you deliberately though tactically want to show it off to your guests that you also own ‘wicker chest’ – the winner’s choice! Thus you simply need to park your wicker chest at one corner or one side of that same room or living room, as part of your interior decoration. This minimises your redundant transfer and increases effectiveness of your home maintenance.

You have to dry up all your stuff before you put them into your typical plastic storage box. This is because any moist stuff you put inside an airtight, or rather non-airflow storage box will cause fungus to grow over time. Wicker chest is porous, thus creating a natural air circulation for the stuff inside the wicker chest with the outside natural air, hence eliminating the growth of fungus.

Typically we like to throw all our unwashed clothes into a plastic storage container and ensure it is being covered with a lid to prevent odour from spreading. But when you open up the lid, those unwashed clothes really smell. A good and advisable practice is to throw your unwashed clothes into a wicker chest, and because of the natural air circulation provided by the porous wicker chest, your unwashed clothes will not create strong odour even after few days of storage. This is a very hygienic way to handle unwashed clothes before washing.

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