Tuscan Style Appeal

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Features of the Tuscan style house
The main feature of this style is that it does not look new and sparkling. On the contrary it will look worn out and old. This is what gives it the comfort factor and your house becomes very welcoming. Some of the features that you will come across in this kind of a house are stone walls that seem to be crumbling, lighting that is romantic, accessories made of wrought iron, farmhouses of stones with furniture made of wood and flooring made of marble. The entire home can be designed of sandstone or limestone and that is what will give it that natural style. The roof is usually made of terracotta tiles while the windows flaunt shutters made of wood.

The exterior of the house will have certain specific features like a patio that has a covering of bricks made from sandstone and a fountain with statues. Marble is a common feature and it is used almost in every corner of the house from the floor to the pillars. But what stands out is the inclusion of water, wood and stone throughout the house.

Rooms in this house
The walls need to be left as they are if they are made of stones but otherwise they need to be painted with the similar color. The floors could be covered with rugs if there is no wooden flooring. There are no closed cupboards in this type of a house. In the kitchen you will find sinks made of stone or porcelain. The furniture in the rooms is made of either wrought iron or wood. The bathrooms are either beige or white depending on your choice. In order to add some color people include pots and pans that are colorful and put some plates and dishes that are colorful in the open cupboards

In short the designs are very welcoming and very warm. It is a house in which anyone can truly unwind without actually feeling uptight and formal. Good colors to use in Tuscan decorating include terracotta, brick, golden yellow, ochre, and green. Blue and green were very cooling in the warm sun of Italy, and carries over well to the warmer climates elsewhere. The typical Tuscany decorating style is dark and enclosed.

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