Show Off Your Personality Through Home Decoration

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Your home gives you a chance to show off your personality by how you decorate it. There are a few things you wan to keep in mind to avoid making decisions you will regret.
Know what size you have to work with in a room. You do not want to put a huge piece of furniture in a cramped space nor have a smaller piece overwhelmed in a spacious room. This is true of walls as well. Choose one sizable painting over the clutter of a lot of little ones.

Lights can be an asset when decorating. For functional reasons you can add lighting. You can also use it to accent your room by the use of lamps either sitting on tables or based on the floor. Your paintings can be made to look more striking framed in lights.

Make an interesting choice and not a dull one. A complete set of furniture that completely matches will end up looking dull. You do not need to have several pieces of one type of furniture set for any room that completely matches. Spice things up.

Not matching does not mean not blending. Furniture colors and patterns should still complement each other. Only choose the pieces your really want for your decorating scheme.
Paint is another place where home decorators fall short. Too many times they purchase a paint at the store that just does not fit once they get it home. Prevent this agony by at least bringing a swatch of paint home and seeing how it looks.

An even better choice is to buy a small container of the paint. You only truly know how it will work when you see it at home in natural and artificial light. You will be more confident in your choice and can get going on your painting.

Accent pieces can make or kill the look of a room. Do not get one that takes over the room. A gaudy piece of furniture or gigantic stuffed lion can take over a room and give it a garish look.
You now have some tips to remember as you decorate your home.

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