Rain Chains For Beautiful Outdoor Home Decor

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Seasonal home decor is very common among passionate homemakers, but when monsoon is around everyone is at a loss as in how to go about the whole thing. In fact, more than interior decoration what becomes more important prior to monsoon is protecting the outdoor features of a house, decking up the gardens, re-doing the roofing in order to check any possible leakage, and things like that. Utilitarian functions like putting a fresh coat of protective paint on the walls, and of course conserving the rain water become more of a priority.

However, any activity when combined with a bit of creativity becomes a lot of fun to do. So, many people love to buy various beautiful garden accessories especially for this time of the year. While fountains and small garden ponds have become much commonplace these days, there is one garden accessory that still remains a rare sight in many homes, and yet adored by many homemakers who have an eye for things unconventional.

Rain Chains are very similar to the traditional plastic or closed-metal downspouts but unique in design and craftsmanship. Braided in the form of a chain, each small part of the rain chain breaks the fall of the rain water, guiding it beautifully downward onto the pebbles beneath, or a pot made of the same metal as that of the rain chain or a stone basin. The sound of broken water flow sounds great in monsoon.

Rain chains are hung from the corners of a roof. They have been used for years in Japan, and has now become popular almost all over the world. Many years ago, people used these garden accessories to guide falling rain water into large containers or barrels to store the water for gardening and other household purposes. They are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes and are mostly handcrafted from metals such as copper, brass and silver.

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