How You Can Spruce Up Your House in Oriental Fashion

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Decorating a tiny space can be quite challenging at times. Getting the right layout is important but it’s so difficult when there’s not enough room to walk around freely. Furniture can pose a problem as well because there is just so little space that’s available for your decor. On the other hand, large living spaces can be difficult as well when it comes to interior design. Let’s look at a few of these examples.

These days Asian styled furnishings are all the rave. They allow you to develop a really contemporary look to your home. For larger living spaces, you can use a futon sofa set or even a rattan love seat. These go really well if you use simple motif designs on your futon covers, as well as matching pillows and pillowcases.

You can even take a look up a notch by incorporating oriental flower vases into the design of your living room or dining room. Most of these decorative vases come with really beautiful oriental artwork, and you can use these to emphasize certain parts of the room such as your dining table perhaps. Using bamboo floor covers underneath your dining table can bring out the rustic appeal in your interior design.

What home would be complete without a Buddha statue? If you have ever visited homes of Asian friends, you would have noticed that most of them have a Buddha statue somewhere in their home. The statue would look best in place on top of the mantelpiece or above your fireplace. If you don’t have either, having the statue set against a large wall can be a great way to use it as a centerpiece.

Large antique mirrors are an excellent way to bring out your living room wall. Consider painting part of your wall in the shade of lavender, and place a golden Sunburst mirror in the center of that wall to provide emphasis and to draw attention. You will find that lavender plays well against the golden color of the mirror frame.

Lastly, take a look at the current curtains that you have installed in your home. Curtains as well as window treatments are the final touches to any oriental home design. Go with sheer curtains and pick out simple designs in either yellow or orange hues. These colors will really play along well with the lavender wall colors and also adds a certain warmth into your living room.

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