Building the Room of Your Childhood Dreams

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“When you think back to when you were around fourteen years of age, what did you want most in the world in your parent’s home? All you wanted as a kid was a little privacy where no one could bother you and you and your friends could hang out without any disturbances. Of course, this was never really an option when you were fourteen years of age, but you can build your own private game room complete with a full sized pool table and a full service bar complete with more than one wood bar stool.

The leather chairs in the corner will scream at you to sit in them and zone out along with the built in speakers. As you start to relax and nod off with the music, you remember that the game is on so you turn on the fifty inch high definition LED flat screen. The mini fridge in the other corner has cold beer and maybe a few sodas for the kids to enjoy. Getting a beer doesn’t even have to involve going into another room. If you have a finished basement like this, or just a large room, anything is possible. If the pool table isn’t for you, then get some giant speaker stands that will hold some beautiful red cherry speakers that will drown out every stressful thing in your life.

Having a room like this is not only a dream for many people, it might even be a necessity for healthy living. We are so stressed out these days by our hectic jobs and busy schedules that we are lost in a sea of darkness. Spending a little money on that extra bar stool in your beautiful game room will make a difference in your life. You will finally have a sanctuary where you can completely relax. Dedicate a room in your home, big or small, for you and you alone. Play the kind of music that you like and play the things that you love to play. Many of us busy Americans don’t even have time for hobbies anymore. We work and eat and try hard to maintain our figure. The richer you are, the less time you have to enjoy the things you buy. So if you are having trouble finding the end of the stress, disappear into your leather chair heaven and simply sink into what you like to call, me time.”

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