Accessories in Complimentary Fabrics to Dress Your Room

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Dressing your room is important because it reflects your taste and style. It is natural for everyone to desire for change every now and then. Changing the look of your interior is not an expensive job if you do it the right way. The furniture, paint, wall paper and other hard furnishings are expensive items and cannot be replaced very often.

However, you can make lovely changes and add new things and look to the interior of your room by going for accessories in complimentary fabrics. Fabric stuff is not that expensive, and it gives you unlimited ideas and choices to work with, in terms of colours and material.

Usually, the hard furnishings come in solid or neutral colours so that they can gel in easily with all type of colour schemes, as set by the interior designer or yourself. Nowadays, interior designers suggest that we play with a lot of complimentary colours to give a lively ambiance to our rooms. Monotones of colours are no longer in; they have to be complimented by some other colour.

The choice of colours varies from individual to individual, depending upon age, gender and personal preferences. Young girls like hot and exciting colours like purple, shocking pink, magenta, turquoise, electric blue and bright green colours. Boys and men go for blues, greys, yellows etc.

The usual accessories in fabrics for dressing up a room are curtains, bed linen, duvets, sofa furnishings, cushions of different sizes and shapes, table covers, etc. If these are done in complimentary fabrics, your entire room will come to life, and you will feel positive energy flowing in your living space.

Apart from the colours, the prints are also important, and it is not trendy thing at all to go for identical or similar prints in your room. Of course, there should be some sort of association between the prints, because an intelligent interior decor shall require a running theme in your room.

For example, if your sofa or chairs have floral print on it, you should compliment it with a stripes-print or any geometric pattern. If you choose floral print for the cushions on the wall, the whole idea will be killed and you will have monotony in your room. Zigzag prints, animal prints, abstract prints, Chinese prints and polka dots are some of those prints that look great with plain fabrics.

The colour contrast is as important as the different materials that you use for dressing up your room. You can complement the fabrics with each other by choosing different material for different items. Bed linen can be complemented with heavy-worked duvet or a duvet made up of velvet. Similarly, the neck rolls and other cushions on your bed should be bright if the bed linen is dull or neutral in colour. Frilly table-cloths or seat-covers or tissue paper box covers look nice with almost all types of interior decor. You can save a lot of money by accessorizing your room in this way.

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