A Complete Decorating Solution for New Apartments

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After buying a new apartment at the right location with pleasant surroundings, it often becomes difficult and tiring to spend time in decorating decoration needs a lot of planning which consists of choosing the right wall paint based on the type of room, designing the floor,purchasing the perfect furniture, fixing the lights in the right location to light the rooms properly etc,etc.

Now it has also become important to maintain a proper air flow inside the house to maintain hygiene level. A concrete plan with proper market research on the current trends in wall texture, furniture and other home decoration accessory is essential. Following steps will guide you to give a complete look and feel to the new apartment.

Steps for decorating New Apartment
1. Choose the right space for particular type of room
2. Start with the kitchen as it plays a major role in our life
3. Next move to the seating area
4. Choose the right color for every room to maintain a synergy
5. Purchase the right type of marble, tile, flooring etc
6. Use washable paints from kitchen and bathroom
7. Find out the space available for different types of furniture before buying them
8. Keep proper place to move freely
9. Choose furniture considering its durability, maintenance, construction, silhouette, fabric, finish, comfort, and price.
10. Combine different forms of light from table lamps, wall lamps,floor lamps to lit every corner of the room
11. Wall decors should be few and should be placed 5 feet away from each other
12. Choose the right type of fabric for home upholstery
13. Vases, decorative pillows and other accessories should complement the other elements in the room and maintain a balance

The size of the apartment plays an important role. If your apartment is small it is better to choose furniture which occupies less space and has multiple usage. Combine your innovative ideas along with these to give a unique look and feel to your room. It is important to consider the current trend in decorating the apartment but comfort is the primary priority which should not be neglected.

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